Emmy Designs | We are a Top 50 Instagrammer!
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We are a Top 50 Instagrammer!

It is days like today that cutting the ribbons, tying the bows and randomly placing objects around our design’s that it is all worth it.

Today we received an email to say we have been featured in Go Hen’s blog post: ‘The Top 50 UK Wedding Instagram Accounts’ – Yay Team ED!

What better way to celebrate than to write a blog post ourselves!

If you follow our Instagram page ’emmy_designs_stationery’, when scrolling through your newsfeed you probably never think about the behind the scenes.

You won’t ever see the 100 other photos that didn’t make the cut, however all of which looked exactly the same as the one we posted.

Behind the scenes are miles of cut up ribbon that if tied together would probably reach London, scissors of all sizes to use as props and rulers to match. 

Behind the scenes are faux flowers, towers of envelopes and studio lights.

Theres boxes full of bits and bobs and draws full of bobs and bits – all of which will some point be used in one of our photos.

These photos take patience and time and a little OCD and it is today, along with the likes and support that it is all worth while.

With Love,

The Emmy Designs Team


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